Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sandless Beach - Siena, Italy

Siena was one of the more interesting places we went to. Cobble stone streets and ally way vender's. While we were there we heard drums echoing threw the town so we followed the sound until we came upon a group of young men dressed in blue and white uniforms. They were parading threw the town carrying their neighborhood banner. We took some photos and film footage then turned back to our meeting place. We were sitting on the sand less beach in the center of Siena eating our gelato when we heard, what we thought were the young fellas we just saw rhythmically pounding on the drums heading our direction. As this group of young Italian men came marching around the corner of a church they were wearing orange and white outfits identical to men in blue. We discovered that the different colors represented a different neighborhood. There is a horse race once a year in the center of Siena, a race around the sand less beach. The winners are rewarded with bragging rights and a banner that flies along with their neighborhood banner that signifies they won the race.
Ciao Ciao, Sienna

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