Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bailey and Rae - New York June 10, 2007

Our last day in New York, Bailey and cousin Rae play on a playground overlooking Chautauqua Lake. We just finished having roast beef, green beans, baked zeti, hamburgers and orange push ups at aunt Betsy and uncle Dave's lake house.

Visiting a New Town - Busti, New York

June 10, 2007
I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take Bailey, age 12, to the place I lived when I was her age. I took her to aunt Betsy's house in Busti, New York. I showed Bailey the place where I used to fish and the camp ground I helped start behind the house, "Camp Lounetta". When it was time to leave we drove by and I took some video of Southwestern, the school I attended while I was in the sixth grade.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Make Hot Cocoa

After going with Tina, Daniel, Josey and Delaney to watch Daniel play in a baseball game we came home. Shortly after arriving home Tearra from next door wanted to know if Bailey could come outside and play. Bailey and Tearra jump on the trampoline for about an hour. Tearra then said she needed to go find her little brother. She left never to return. So, Bailey comes in and decides to work on her Photoshop project. Shortly after Photoshop lost its appeal I made Bailey diner, chicken strips. I then sent Bailey off to shower so that when she returns she can have the very large cup of Hot Cocoa I made for her. One more thing to scratch from our list of 100 things. We will finish out the rest of the night watching my recorded HOUSE marathon.

Our Website - Blog

To day is the day we compose or build our website/blog. We have already accomplished a few of the things on our list. Now that we have established the "Bailey & Daddy ~ Summer 2007" 100 things to do website/blog we can play some catch up

Brandy & Sean Heggarty Wedding - Jamestown, NY

We left Indiana June 6, 2007 to arrive in Jamestown, New York. The occasion was the wedding of my cousin Brandy Noonan who married a good man, Sean Heggarty. Brandy was beautiful. The wedding and reception were amazing.