Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Roma Domus - Italy

The Roma Domus Hotel was our first destination upon landing in Rome. After being assigned rooms we were told that we needed to be back down to the hotel restaurant for diner at 5:30, which gave us about three hours to bath and relax. Mom, Bailey and Brooke went to there room and i went to mine to lay down for a few. After a power nap I jump in the shower and headed down stairs to scout out the place. There wasn't much to the Roma Domus a front counter, rooms, a small restaurant and a wine/coffee bar just behind and off to the left of the front desk. I grabbed a glass of the best red in that region, "Primo Angelo." I found the girls and me a table set up with fresh Italian bread and lite blue wine bottles filled with water. Grandma Casey warned us that if we wanted ice we had to order it and if you want bottled water unless you want soda water you order your h2o with no gas. The gals came down and joined me just before they started serving the pasta. Mom, or grandma in this case, had been in a really good mood until she came to diner, she had fallen in the shower and find out the next day she had broken her leg in three different places. At diner we had a waitress, Lauri Donna, who spoke no English. we learned that "encore" means would you like more and that pasta and "insalata" salad are served at every meal. In Europe if you can see over the counter you are legal to drink so when in Rome I asked Bailey if she would like to try some wine. With a smile from ear to ear she smelled the wine then said no, but she wanted to have her picture taken with a glass of wine in her hand while eating her pasta.

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devildog88 said...

oh i long to go to italy again... well it wont take long to do that.